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SEO With Google+


Google+1 SEOGoogle+ is the new topic for online SEO these days.  Google Profiles is a new social media site that is directly tied into Google Search Engine.

Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook. If you’ve used Facebook, you already know how this works. You can share your content to a network of contacts. Your contacts can rate your shared content in turn.

If you used Google’s search engine lately, you may have noticed a little “+1” button that would show up in search results. Naturally, everyone speculated that the more +1 clicks that a site received, the higher that Google would consider it for that particular search term. Google denied this but did not dismiss the possibility of +1 affecting search rankings in the future.

When you +1 something in the search results or maybe even a Picture that your friend uploaded to Google+, you’re sharing your personal version of Google’s search algorithm, meaning that content may eventually be served to you based on your +1 actions.

What does this all this mean for you? SEO is going to be influenced by this in a big way.

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