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Logo Design Process

San Antonio Logo Design

Step 1: Defining the nature of the requirement

On this step, we need to get as much information as possible to start the logo design process.

We need to identify:

  1. All the aspects related to your communication (content, target audience, positioning)
  2. Any aspect related to graphic design that already identifies your business (colors, fonts, style, symbols) and must be taken into account to design your new logo.
  3. Aspects that must be avoided (because they identify your competitors, for instance) We’ll provide you with a questionnaire to fill out and send back to us. Remember that the accuracy of your answers will help us develop a better logo for you.

Step 2: Logo concept development

After reviewing all the information you provide us on step I, we’ll send you the basic logo concepts.

They will be original drafts, with a main concept. We need you to choose one of them to be refined in further revisions.

This step will provide us with your feedback to lead the design to a single direction. We expect to get:

  1. The basic logo concept and the elements that will be present in the final logo version with high degree of probability
  2. The elements that must be dismissed
  3. The elements that aren’t present but should be included in your logo

Step 3: First revision stage

After applying your suggestions, our designers will send you a second round of drafts. They will include those elements you chose.

We expect you to send us new feedback about them.

Step 4: Second design revision

We repeat the step 3, in order to take the logo versions closer to your expectations. Your suggestions and opinions will be applied to the final logo versions that we’ll deliver you.

Step 5: Final logo

We’ll send you the final logo version. The logo design process is finished, and all the rights of the chosen logo belongs to you.

If you have any doubt about our logo design process, please let us know

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