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The reasons to use valid CSS and XHTML are many. From fast load times of your website, to SEO of your code, to easy of use, to fast and easy updates to your site, to the ability for disabled people and mobile user to access your site properly, to working on all browsers and future proofing your investment.

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Fast Site Wide Changes

One of the main reasons we use CSS is to have the ability to quickly update and modify your website layout to optimize user experience and product click-through.

Web Standard Compliant

We always produce standard compliant CSS and XHTML. We work with many backend developers and programmers to make sure your code is tested across many platforms.

Fast Loading Websites

Studies have found that most people won’t wait more than 4-5 seconds for a page to load before leaving a website. We make sure this doesn’t happen.

Cross Browser Usability

The code we produce is tested across all modern browsers for compatibility.

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