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Usability incorporates a wide range of web experience elements, from the way the customer’s eyes glance through your website design, to the ease of navigating your site, to valid CSS and XHTML for fast loading pages and fast duplication of pages and content changes and SEO. All of these elements combined create a user-friendly experience.

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Flow is how customers navigate your website. You can only discover this by tracking every click of every user. We’ll set up software to track user flow so we can modify your layout to maximize your sales. We’ll arrange your content to maximize the click-through to your most important page.

Click Through

We will arrange your content to maximize the clicks through to your highest return product or most important page.


The most important aspect of designing for the future use of your site is to build your site to allow for additions to your site without having to redesign.

User Experience

User experience starts with the first impression of your site. From the colours, to the message, to the layout and scale, we create great user experiences and return visitors.

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