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Internet Marketing FAQ

Logo Design Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When thinking about a new logo?

Q: What makes a great logo?

Q: How long does the logo design process take?

Q: How is my new logo delivered?

Q: What formats is my logo supplied in?

Q: What Is Vector Art?

Q: Who own the rights to these images and/or designs?

Q: What happens if I lose my logo artwork, or my computer crashes?

Q: Can I purchase another logos along with the logo I finalized?

Website Design Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take for my website to be designed?

Q: Will everyone see my website the same?

Q: Can you provide all our web design and hosting services?

Q: I already have a website and I need it updating, can you help me?

Q: Will I find my website on the search engines?

Q: Who owns the website once it is completed?

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does SEO stand for?

Q: What is SEO?

Q: How long does it take to get indexed by Google?

Q: Do SEO companies have relationships with the search engines?

Q: Does every page of my website really need to be optimized?

Q: Do you guarantee a number #1 Ranking in the search engines?

Q: What is Google PageRank?

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